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Tv mount, Dallas Tx

There are a few things to know about hanging a flat panel TV on your wall. The first is electrical. YOU CANNOT RUN A POWER CORD IN THE WALL. Most AV professionals even do this or they do some sort of rigged cut extension cable when it has to be rated Romex. There needs to be a power outlet in the wall at the actual TV location and it has to be done by an electician or a power kit put in that AV guys can do on their own. Secondly there are a ton of steps ensuring the tv will be perfectly level and sometimes level with its surroundings, not level with the earth. Homes, unfortunately are not level and walls are certainly not. Please consult a professional before you consider doing this yourself. We have very competitive pricing and can do the most simple installs with the same quality assurance as our huge projects. We also do custom cabinetry, frames and remodels on existing cabinets. There is almost nothing we cannot tackle…we stop at lawncare I guess. Call us for a free consultation.

Smart Home / Home Automation, Dallas Tx

Smart home technology is the ability to remotely control certain devices throughout your home that you may already have. You can have the house light up certain rooms when you enter the garage. You can turn down the temp from the comfort of your bed with a panel on the night stand or from your telephone. Turn on any room of music in the home with a touch of a button and have thousands of albums and channels at your disposal. The real beauty of the smart home though, is tying it all together. You set your anniversary for your home to turn on you and your wife’s song at your wedding, dim the lights and set the temp to something comfortable and it all happens as soon as she hits her home button on her new garage door opener. You set the home to raise the shades in your bedroom slowly over a 30 minute period or turning on the lights slowly all the while the music in the background is increasing in volume over that same 30 minutes waking you up slowly and gently. The music and lighting scheme then transfers to the bathroom as you get ready without doing a thing. You hit the away button on your garage door opener and the home sleeps fully until you return. In this day in age you do not need to me a fortune 500 player to experience this. A smart home is only a free consultation away with Theater Advice.

Custom Media Room Dallas with cabinet

This DFW media room was very unique in that we had to build a 14 foot long cabinet to conceal some of the re-wiring we had to do to the room in order to get the speakers the correct distance and placement from the Screen. We also had to build a custom bracket for the projector as they have not yet made a mount for it being so new. Great products as well with Severtson Screens, JVC DILA 3D projector, Paradigm In wall Hybrid speakers and Sub. A little paint and painted speakers along with the cabinet rounded this room off beautifuly with a great custom feel to it with everything hidden.

Wiring a new home, dallas TX

If, and I use the term “if” loosely because it hardly happens, your builder allows you to use your own company or contractor to wire your home do exactly that. Hire a company that is willing to sit down with you and go over every need you have in your home and how you will use the home. Please understand you cannot “do it later” as you might think. If you are building a one story home you can wire some things but not all, for a lot of reasons. If your home is a two story you can forget about wiring your home later without cutting your sheetrock like swiss cheese. You need a properly designed wiring structure done by professionals and NOT the electrician that works for the Builder and “swears he can do it for cheap”. Home Theater wiring takes a careful plan, and planning ahead so call a professional. Call Theater Advice