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Energy Savings Dallas

Empower consumers with information and control

We have long held the belief that the promise of the Smart Grid can only be realized if the consumer is front-and-center in the design of demand-response systems.

Control4 understands what consumers want when it comes to managing their home environment—in fact, we’ve been helping them do it for years. People have used our products to automate and control their entertainment systems, lighting, security, and temperature since 2005.

Today, as utilities roll out smart meters, we’ve employed our deep consumer knowledge to develop the gold standard in managing home energy use. The EMS 100 has been designed to facilitate a two-way conversation between utilities and their customers. Utilities can count on a proven platform that integrates with back-end systems to optimize load management across their network of homes. Meanwhile, consumers can reduce energy use and costs by controlling how and when specific devices in the home use power—particularly during peak pricing or load periods, and in a way that fits with their lifestyle and priorities.

A true win-win.
A single solution delivering power and intelligence.

* Inform
* Control
* Engage
* Integrate
* Manage
* Deliver

Bring the benefits of the smart grid to utility customers.
Did you know…?

Utilities can customize the feature set available on the Control4 EMS 100 to offer energy savings incentives and other programs for customers. Or integrate additional control capabilities for other devices in the home, including PHEV’s.
Control4 Energy Solutions

* Simple, engaging and intuitive for customers
* Drives the exchange of valuable, actionable information between households and utilities
* Accesses disaggregated household consumption data for rich insight beyond the meter
* Built on an open platform to support device interoperability
* Extensible for third party application development
* Secured through Open SSL, Open SSH standards, SEP, WPA, and WEP
* Bringing advanced home automation and control to the home area network (HAN)

Home control from Iphone or Ipad, Dallas

Control4® MyHome—iPad

The MyHome family of software apps allows you to access and control the lighting, temperature, music, movies, energy, security and more from a wide range of devices in your Control4 enabled home. By turning your existing smart phones, tablets and PCs into additional interfaces, Control4 MyHome offers you an affordable and convenient way to access and manage your system.

The Control4 user interface is consistent on every device. Just as dedicated touch screens are ideal in locations such as the kitchen or by the front door because they can’t wander away, Control4 MyHome gives you an affordable and flexible interface option for total control in every room of your house.

In a Control4 enabled smart home, Control4 MyHome allows you to manage your system over any WiFi network, with unique security features that identify and authenticate your Control4 system to your iPad. With the right app, you can use iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches, and virtually any PC tablets, laptop or desktop PC* to run your Control4 system.

*Support for the Android operating system is planned for a future release.

Dallas woodworking. dallas cabinetry

At Theater Advice we design and put in some of the most beautiful bars and cabinets conceived. Our master Craftsman will take your ideas and make them a reality. We can help you design built in cabinets next to your fireplace that matches its design and color exactly to a fully custom Media room with any and all features you can dream up. Media room credenzas are also one of our strong points and can enhance the look of the room and pull everything together with custom Pillars or columns in the media room as well. Call us to set up an appointment with our craftsman.

conrol 4 dealer Dallas, Frisco

Theater Advice has been doing Home automation with some of the worlds leading products since its inception. We are now proud to be a dealer for Control 4 which is a great affordable alternative to those Automation companies reserved for the rich and famous only there are hardly any compromises. Control 4 has a great user interface, Ipad and Iphone control capability and can interface with all of the other systems in your home. You can control your HVAC units in multiple zones and they sell their own Thermostats so you don’t have to worry about finding the right one to work with your automation system. They also have their own lighting solutions with color LED’s that are fully customizable for any color for any status or reason. You can control your whole house audio system with as many zones as you can want and even keep all of your video sources in one place so you can actually pick which DVR you want to watch at any location if the others are being used. A typical full system from Control 4 is about $20k whereas a Crestron or AMX system can run you over $100k for most of the same features. You can of course spend much more or even much less if you only want a few features and we can help you with that to maximize your budget. Call or email us today to go over your new home plans so it can be properly wired or even discuss how it can help you in your home that is already built. Theater Advice is where experience meets customer service.

9 Questions for Your system Integrator / Home Theater Professional in Dallas

Apart from finding a spouse, choosing the right home technology integrator might be one of the most important decisions we ever have to make. We’re not just purchasing components, we could be entering into a long-term relationship. Then again, it is a serious investment, with workers occupying our inner sanctum, and fervent dreams of push-button ease and high-definition glory.

So we need to go in with our eyes wide open, understanding the essential topics that must be broached, ones that can enlighten and empower us when we’re ready to close the deal.

To help guide our readers in their future projects, we have hereby attempted to narrow down this list of questions that cut to the chase, formulated to elicit the answers homeowners need to make informed choices.
What are the integrators’ training and Awards? Any national recognition, magazine articles?

The technology of electronic home integration has never been more sophisticated, and not all of the professionals out there are fully qualified for the projects they take on. Some potential clients are lured only by the lowest bid and don’t take the time to ensure that the people working on their home have undergone the necessary training for the job. They just take it on faith that the work will be done correctly, which can be a costly assumption in the long run. A well-trained installer is proud of his credentials and won’t hesitate to share them!
Does the integrator have references, specifically on projects of similar size and scope?

References are the lifeblood of the home integrator. A job well-done for a happy homeowner is the ultimate “win,” and so the thumbs-up from a previous customer–one not unlike yourself–is a great way for the client to establish a comfort level by proving that the integrator has successfully completed similar projects. Again, this information should be freely offered, so don’t be afraid to ask.
Do they have photographs of completed projects?

Word of mouth is one thing, but a picture is worth a thousand of ‘em, right? Apart from the beauty of the finished product, a photograph conveys important sub-text: The homeowner thought enough of the work–and the company behind it–to allow them back to take photos, and everyone can preen over the results. But strictly on face value, photographs will show the quality of work and attention to detail that the integrator puts into his projects.
How long has the integrator has been in business?

A well-established integrator simply has more hands-on experience, has encountered more challenges and has therefore figured out more solutions. A difficult customer might be the biggest challenge of all, so you can surely appreciate the skills of a pro who has turned numerous frowns upside-down. Successful years/decades past also suggest that he will be more likely to still be around in the future to service the client’s needs.
How many similarly-sized projects has the integrator done in the past?

If this is the first time an integrator has done, say, an end-to-end whole-home project, he is far less likely to have a successful outcome as opposed to one who routinely performs those types of jobs. It’s not solely a matter of experience, but specifically experience that matches your needs.

What is the experience level of the integrator’s installers and technicians?

Even the best techs–the men on the front lines pf the job–have all had to overcome at least some minor (in some cases major) obstacles while installing a system. A seasoned installer/technician brings those experiences with him to subsequent jobs and knows how to best deal with most surprises as they occur. If you’ll pardon the cliché, there really is no substitute for experience.
What is the support system behind the salesperson?

An African proverb states that “It takes a village to raise a child.” In the consumer electronics world, it takes a dedicated team to see a job through from the contract to the popping of champagne corks and the watching of the first movie. The right salesperson should have all the answers you need and inspire confidence in your purchase, but ultimately the work is only going to be as good as the weakest link in the chain, so get to know them all: the designers, electricians, A/V experts and so on.
What is the warranty period on materials and workmanship and how is service is expedited?

No one wants to imagine that any part of their fancy new custom installation will fail, but preparing for the worst case scenario today might spare you some fretful hours tomorrow. How long should you expect the dealer to stand behind his work? What is the procedure should the need for a service call arise? And the promptness of a repair/replacement visit is one of the distinguishing factors between a good integrator and a great one.
Does the integrator offer extended service agreements and/or system maintenance contracts?

Find out how long the standard protection lasts on your new home system, and then ask if extended coverage is available either through the dealer or the manufacturer. System maintenance contracts are also worth investigating, a sort of “umbrella policy” against a multitude of potential misfortunes. Again, here’s hoping you never need to take advantage of it, but a small investment now can bring priceless peace of mind down the road.
Does the integrator have a project manager who will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the project?

Having a single contact, a “point man” to oversee the project and all of the stakeholders involved, will drastically reduce any confusion during the execution of the installation. Have a question? A complaint? A new idea? Find out who your go-to-guy is, then program his number in your phone.
Who are the vendor partners that the integrator works with and how long has the integrator been a dealer of those proposed vendors?

We can infer a certain confidence from the brands and products that an integrator provides, as they are typically well-researched and backed by solid guarantees and reliable service from the manufacturer. And because the level of support that a vendor/manufacturer provides to the integrator will directly impact the integrator’s ability to support the client, assurances of a strong working relationship “behind the scenes” can go a long way to maintaining total customer satisfaction.
How long will it take to fully complete the job?

While a finished product on the scale of The Sistine Chapel would be swell, hopefully no one will be writing a book entitled The Agony and the Ecstasy based upon your home integration experience. Everyone who has ever undertaken a large home project has wondered, “When will they be done and out of here?” This is your turf, so you have every right to be involved in setting the deadlines and enforcing them. Go in with a reasonable timeline in mind, but be prepared to adjust those expectations: Exceptional electronic home systems, much like a certain Italian capital, aren’t built in a day.

Anthem Dealer Dallas

Theater Advice is the premier dealer for Anthem electronics. The D2V and 50V are some of the highest rated products in the world. The ARC (Anthem room correction) system of Anthem is nothing short of amazing and requires almost no other set up besides few tweaks. Set up is difficult on these items so have us sell and install it for you with your favorite amplifier.

Paradigm dealer Dallas

Paradigm speakers are some of the best bang for the buck and best reviewed speakers in the world. Theater Advice is a dealer for Paradigm’s full line of speakers and subwoofers. They make everything from extremely affordable architectural in wall speakers to some of the finest floor standing speakers in the business. Call us today to discuss your interest in Paradigm speakers and subwoofers and set up a free in home consultation.

Tv installation Dallas

At Theater Advice we don’t only install the most beautiful and elaborate rooms in Texas. We can hang your TV for you too and do it better and with the right electrical work and right equipment. There are many things to know before hanging and even purchasing your television. There are lots of TV choices you may not know about that may be better for your needs. Call us today to sell you and install your flat panel tv on the wall or in a custom cabinet. We do it all.

Home Theater Installation Dallas

Theater Advice is the premier home theater and media room installation firm in the Dallas area. Our services include full design, systems starting at $4999 INSTALLED with lighting control for a single room. The best thing about having your media room installed by Theater Advice is the same designers and installers that design and install our $100k-$1,000,000 home theaters will also be helping you with your home theater. We have been in 8 national magazine articles, won customer service awards and design awards and treat every customer the same. Have your media room install in Dallas or your Home Theater install in Dallas done by the professionals at Theater Advice.

Wolf Cinema

This is the shortest blog and review. Wolf cinema makes the best home projectors in the world. They are an almost perfectly engineered product, long lasting bulbs, cooling fans and lenses in an attractive box. Be prepared for huge price tags in the 6 figures but for the discerning client that wants only the very best, that and a Cinecurve screen from Stewart filmscreen will make you the envy of even the rich and famous. Call us to take some light readings of your room. If interested in a Wolf Projector Theater Advice will fly you out for a demo at our expense if you end up purchasing the unit.