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Home Theater Packages Dallas

Theater Advice has put together packages for your media room in dallas for under $5000. All name brand equipment, custom programmed remote, lighting control, 110″ screen and projector. What we offer is quite simply a cut above the rest at this same budget and it is clear when you meet us. Call us today for a free in home consultation

Digital Projection Dealer Dallas

Theater Advice is the premier dealer for Digital Projection in the Dallas area. Call us for a Digital Projection Demo in Dallas. Digital Projection like Stewart Filmscreen are the only manufacturer that has won an Emmy for their performance. They make quite simply the best projectors in the world and even affordable 3 chip DLP displays with incredible output. Their line is endless starting at under $7000 which is a steal from the engineers that bring such quality in the high end projector world to design you an affordable projector. DPI also makes the very best 3D projector I have ever seen. They start at $55000 but are the only projector I have seen that can actually beat what you see in the theater. With active glasses I saw a fish come out of the screen on the underwater deep sea IMAX movie about 15 feet towards me. It was so good it made me want to take the glasses off. It creates a depth of field that I did not think possible. For those that can afford a projector the price of a Porsche you should absolutely do it. We can build a room around such a product, curved screen and anamorphic lens will make you the happiest movie lover alive. Call us for a demo

Vienna Acoustics dealer Dallas

Theater Advice is Dallas’ premier dealer for Vienna Acoustics speakers. We have sold and installed this great line of speakers for a decade. They are among the best speakers in the world and are very highly reviewed. The build quality of these speakers are truly second to none and come in many beautiful wood stains, grains and high gloss black. They take a skilled ear to set them up but once they are matched to your room and “imaged” well there is almost no equal to their detail and realism. The Kiss and The Music speaker are new in their line and incorporate a never before seen flat midrange driver with imbedded tweeter for perfect phase. Be the first in Dallas to one these unbelievable high end audio speakers.

Outdoor Speakers/ high end outdoor systems

There are many types of outdoor audio systems. There are your typical outdoor speakers you have seen everywhere that hang on the wall. These are not a bad option and can be very cost effective. Another solution is rock speakers that can blend into the landscaping. These are more difficult to wire usually but can sound good and are usually more money. Lastly There are landscape series audio systems. These are very high end. The best I have ever heard are the Sonance Landscape speakers. These speakers look like spot lights and blend easily into a tree or any landscaping. There is also an underground sub that is just area filling and musical. 6-12 of these speakers and 1-2 of these subs wired in series rivals any extremely expensive system you have ever heard inside or out. They are huge and detailed in sound. Your yard and gorgeous landscaping deserves to sound like the highest quality Hotels in the world. Call us for more information on outdoor sound, entertainment or Sonance Landscape series speakers

Control4 Dallas

Control 4

Control4 offers a complete line of home-automation products that makes sophisticated home-control solutions practical and affordable for every home. Create the ideal home-control solution for your home with Control4® products: user-interfaces, like touch screens and remotes; home controllers; lighting and thermostats; and a wide range of audio/visual products. One of the best things about Control4 solutions is that they are flexible and scalable, so you can start with a simple home-theater solution and add other features like lighting control and security when you’re ready.
Call Theater Advice for all your Control 4 needs.

Control 4 home automation / Automated appliances Frisco, Dallas

While brands like LG, Samsung, and Kenmore all showed off their own special brand of Jetsonian appliances at CES this year, Sub-Zero was close by touting a stable of 30 automation-ready products and a partnership with Control4 that could make them a contender for home automation domination. Sub-Zero’s ZigBee-based system uses preexisting serial ports (initially installed for diagnostic purposes) to connect users to appliances via touchscreens, smart phones, and other enabled devices. The system lacks full control of potentially dangerous appliances like the oven, instead acting as an alert system when, say, your turkey is done roasting, but it does grant complete access to things like your refrigerator or freezer. Other systems might sport increased functionality, like LG’s Thinq, which allows users to set oven temperatures remotely, and Samsung’s fridge, which lets you tweet from a built-in touchscreen, but Sub-Zero is hoping a second-quarter release will put them at the head of the pack. We’ll see if a head start makes a difference in the glacial appliance market, when Samsung rolls out its smart refrigerator this May and Kenmore’s system comes to fruition in 2012.