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Room Acoustics

You may have heard that “the room is the most important element” to a great listening experience. But how can you be sure you’ve invested in the right acoustical treatments and that they will be deployed properly?

Is your room a dedicated home theater? A media room? Are you a movie viewer, a gamer, a two-channel enthusiast, a sports junkie, or a combination of these? How do these different uses affect the acoustical qualities of your theater or media room?

These are the challenges, and the opportunities, when investing in top-quality acoustical treatments.

For a proper, customized solution, use Kinetics’ Illumination Room Acoustics Analysis.

Illumination applies proven scientific analysis, coupled with the real world experiences of home theater and media room designers, to deliver a room experience you will thoroughly enjoy.

Best of all, Illumination has been priced so that virtually all private theater, media and/or listening rooms can have the benefit of true acoustic analysis!

Included in this service are recommendations for the following:

Optimal placement of subwoofers and other loudspeakers in the room
Analysis of seating positions in the room with recommendations for ideal listening positions displayed on a floorplan drawing
Specification of correct acoustical devices and accurate placement of devices displayed on floorplan and elevation drawings
Complete bill of materials for acoustical devices specified
Specific analysis data to support the above recommendations includes:
Room modal response
Frequency response curves before and after treatment
Reverberation before and after treatment
A report describing these results in understandable terms