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Frisco Home Theater custom

This Frisco Media Room installation really came out great. This is above a garage but there wasn’t even attic above the garage. We had to hire a contractor to come in and pull permits, tear off the garage roof and build an entire addition above the garage. When he was done we went to work. From studs I planned the media room design. This Home theater design includes arched walls, pillars and a huge Gable with roof above the screen for a very greek or parthenon feel. All equipment and speakers on the front wall are completely hidden behind the grills. Klipsch RF62 bookshelf speakers, RFs42 rear speakers and huge Klipsch center speaker. Dla-x30 Projector in a custom projector housing on a Fantastic Stewart Filmscreen Firehawk G3 screen. We had to do a custom screen with a tiny frame because the client wanted 130″ and the size just didnt work with having the equipment fit below. Stewart makes a special screen that is special order with a very small frame that can be built into cabinets and held in by molding. The overall look of the room with two rows of high seating, overlooking a huge 130″ firehawk screen is just spectacular. Call us to design your media room. This project from start to finish was $45,000 including build out, insuation, AC work, electrical and lighting, carpet and all electronics and installation. Amazing deal.

JVC DLA-x30 and JVC DLA x-70

JVC line of home theater projectors are simply my favorite. I think JVC projectors are the best bang for the buck overall quality vs price. You get amazing colors and color accuracy and great contrast. I say contrast and not black levels because projectors don’t make black, black is the absence of light so the screen and the rooms ambient light are responsible for the black levels. These projectors are full of detail and colors. They have great options and they all have motorized lens control, shift and focus. The x30 their entry level projector is the very best you can buy at or below the $5,000 mark. Just a fantastic projector on a mid to higher end budget ($10k theaters). Now the DLA x70 is an entirely different animal. This projector when put with Stewart Filmscreen firehawk G3 looks like a plasma TV in a dark room. Couple that with ISF menus for extreme detailing and changes and the ability to move the LCD panels with fine adjustments you can get a crisp picture only rivaled by projectors in the $20,000 range for only $7999 retail. Call us to talk about JVC projectors

Here is a link to a review one of many 9/10

Epson Projector Dallas

Theater Advice is one of the leading dealers for Epson Projectors. There were some problems with the first batch of the new Powerlite Home cinema 5010 and Home Cinema 6010 but they have fixed those issues. These are fantastic value projectors. For 3D there is nothing better on the market in value. The JVC projector line is slightly better in 2D picture though and still fantastic at 3D just not as bright. The Epson comes with some very nice extras that will save you money as well. The HC6010 comes with a Chief projector mount which is the best mount made. An extra bulb priced at $350 and a nice cover for the wires on the back which is a very attractive option. Also it comes with a built in 3d sensor and two free pairs of glasses. Far worth the extra $500 MSRP for those worth while extras. All projectors but especially these ones should be paired with a Stewart filmscreen to maximize your picture potential. Call us for more information.

Epson projector dealer Frisco

Las Colinas Home Theater

This Irving Darling Home Media Room turned out great. Theater Advice started with a blue theater. We matched the clients needs with Klipsch Reference RF82 floorstanding speakers, matching center channel and rears and a huge 12″ Ported SW112 subwoofer. JVC DLA-X30 DILA projector and a Stewart Filmscreen 120 inch firehawk G3 screen. Since the builder never wires the projector in the right spot we moved it down to the flat and rewired it completely without cutting any holes. This media room in Las Colinas turned out great. We then had custom acoustic panels made by Kinetics for the room to match the color and it gives it an art deco theater feel.