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JL audio subwoofer dealer dallas

Theater is announcing they are the newest dealer of JL audio home subs in Texas. They now even have a lower cost line of subs starting at $1600 for a 10″ black ash which rivals the sound of their higher end subs with only a few small changes making it a value never before seen in this industry. They are fast and responsive, musical and powerful. They are without a doubt and review confirmed the best home subwoofers on the market. AS a dealer for JL Subs we can sell, and calibrate them for the room so it is a perfect fit. Their Fathom line are even better than those. They are an upgraded driver, plays lower. Plays faster and hits harder. Call us today to buy your Fathom JL Sub.

home theater southlake tx

This is a custom home theater in Southlake TX. The colors were carefully selected to match the lighting and home decor. A solid black wall in the front of the room makes the custom black Triad In wall speakers completely disappear. It also makes the silver Stewart filmscreen dealer really stand out against the black. It took an amazing amount of work to install the ceiling speakers as there was wood in the way and the Triad in ceiling speakers are quite deep. A JVC dila projector was chosen to match the overall quality of the space and the Screen for a near perfect image. a great great room and fun project.

home Theater Mckinney

This custom home theater in Mckinney texas is beautiful. We took this room from a white room with some attic space around it and turned it into a masterpiece. home theater Pillars or columns were built to spec, custom projector box to hide all the mounting and wires. Home theater carpet and a custom bar for concessions.