Monthly Archives: February 2016

Beautifully Crafted Home Theaters

At Theater Advice we don’t compromise. We use only the best and most up to date technologies, and we can construct custom cabinetry to match your home trim. We go above and beyond customer satisfaction by creating the best home theater media room experience in the Dallas Fort Worth Area! Check out this impressive gallery, which show cases top end home media theater rooms with custom seating and cabinetry.

Simply Elegant Home Theater

This gallery show cases our creativity when building an elegant experience within budget. Check out this gallery for beautiful home theater ideas that don’t much space and can be set-up in just about any room in your home! These set-ups are perfect for a studio sized apartment¬†and home sized¬†living room.

Custom Home Theaters

Check out our latest home theater set-ups. Our custom home theaters set-ups are a fantastic touch to any home! Whether you are looking to upgrade your current set-up or design your own, our gallery will provide you with ideas! If you have any questions give us a call today.