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Dallas Home Surround Sound Installation

We offer a very full range of speaker and surround sound packages.

We offer a very full range of Dallas home theater surround sound installation packages. See our blog on Surround sound to understand more about the formats if you are interested. There are three main types of speakers that make up a surround sound package and we are versed in all of them and they have different applications. In wall speakers are cut into the sheetrock and have a flush mount look that can be either barely visible white grills or a much more custom solution that looks like sheetrock and can even be textured and painted over leaving absolutely nothing to see. On wall speakers are speakers with a cabinet that hang on the wall. They are sometimes called satellite speakers when they are small but if high enough quality can have great impact and will usually sound better than an in wall speaker because they do not use the wall as the speaker cabinet. Floor standing speakers are the largest and the best of the bunch standing on the floor or on stands and are by far the highest quality ranging from a few hundred into the millions of dollars.

Home Surround sound installation can be tricky and there are many guidelines that should be followed for it to sound like the artist intended. A THX set up is installed with Three to Five front firing front speakers, two dipole side speakers and two front firing rear speakers a typical 7.1 surround sound system. Other system formats are less picky but will still sound good and are more budget based.

We perform Dallas home surround sound installations for almost every budget from your typical $199 each in wall speakers to the $1M a pair front speakers with proper room tuning. Our prices are not by the hour so when we quote a price that is it, no matter what we run into in the room, we will notch out studs and cut holes where we need to and all on our dime, you just have to have them patched and painted. We also don't always like to put speakers wherever they are pre-wired if that is not correct for the room. We are a custom company and as long as budget allows we will move the wires and tune the room completely. But if we cannot see a difficult run or problem up front we will pay to get it done either way. Surround Sound installation in Dallas has never been better or easier.


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