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Most frequently asked questions, answered by professionals!

Theater and Media Room FAQ's

Why shouldn’t I buy my own stuff and find someone to install it ?

You more than likely are not an AV systems designer and you’ll buy some or all of the wrong stuff. You won’t pay more to deal with a real company or a store. Any of us will match deals from the internet as long as they are authorized so in the end all you will end up with is some incorrect stuff for the space and not have saved a dime. Furthermore…no real install company or design firm will touch gear unless purchased through them. Find a company (hopefully us) that can help you design it properly, meet your budget and install it to perfection. Not to mention even if you do pull this off…you have no accountability. Installer won’t help troubleshoot equipment he didn’t sell and he can’t replace it if anything goes wrong. Leave it to the pros….our knowledge is free when you buy from us. We want to help you make your home theater perfect.

Why is it cheaper online?

IT’S NOT. There isn’t a single internet entity that’s authorized to sell AV gear that can discount more than a store can. Most have tax. No customer service or help. More than likely 1/100 th the knowledge of even my least knowledgeable staff member. Buy from a pro you trust even if it’s not us. We love our industry and want it to serve everyone the right way.

What screen size is right for the room?

Every designer has a different opinion. Mine will always be as big as you can go. Truth is screens and TV’s have been getting bigger and big has become normal so you’ll always eventually want a bigger screen if you could have gotten one. So if you have the distance to lens…and the wall to hold it along with equipment and speakers needed go BIG. You’ll love the room more and for longer. Screen quality is also super important but we go over that only in person as our approach is unique and refreshing.

Why isn’t Dolby Atmos working on Youtube ?

Because for now…Youtube outputs Stereo so even if it says Dolby Atmos…it’s not. This is not a benchmark for Audio, try a movie.

Why is budget so important and why am I asked for my budget ?

Your budget in truth is all that matters in the world of home theater. This would be the same as asking “which car should I buy”….what size car, how many seats, car or SUV, fast or slow, luxury or driveability, …if you attach a budget to the question that question can be answered. It helps your designer start to pair down what you really need or more importantly will be happy with. We take into consideration your needs, room, colors, EXPECTATIONS and your budget and quite literally hit It it out of the park every time when given enough information.

Do I really need 2 subwoofers?

NO. You need one for every speaker if you ask some people. Never enough good clean calibrated Bass. But start with one or two and go from there. Build your system. We can help you decide what’s best for your space and expectations.

Should I buy AV equipment on the internet to save money?

NO. There is no such thing. Any company will match any other authorized company. Buy local and buy small business for best service and pricing. You will also get advice and find someone to install it. There is literally no reason to shop online for AV gear.

Do expensive wires and Cables really matter?

Yes. But only to a certain extent within the realm of logic and reality. Video means less typically. Most HDMI cables can pass video correctly in short distances. Long HDMI runs it matters so much you won’t get video at all without the correct quality cables In Audio it matters 100% but again only to a certain extent. If you buy an expensive pair of speakers and power amp and don’t have it connected properly you just simply aren’t getting all you paid for in the equipment. Going to a nice well-made speaker cable and high-quality cables can yield noticeable differences. However, going with insanely expensive cables and wires will really only yield measurable differences. So trust your system designer here and find value.

Do room acoustics matter?

This is a loaded question. Short answer…ABSOLUTELY. In a well treated room even mediocre speakers sound amazing because the room is tuned. Long answer is to do it correctly it’s the cost of a high end car at times. You can easily spend $15-$30K on proper room acoustics and design. So you have to weigh if it’s important enough. You put a good system in an acoustically treated room and it’s a religious experience. What you cannot do is just go buy panels and just put them on the wall because they look cool. A properly acoustically treated room will have a mix of diffusion, absorption and reflection and only an acoustician can really decide where those should go in each environment.

Why Theater Advice does not recommend in walls as the main Front 3

At Theater Advice we understand fundamentally the end result. Meaning we know there is more than likely wood where you will want the speaker, or romex wiring. An in wall Center CH when not behind the screen will need two studs cut on more than likely a load bearing wall. Things end up not centered and spaced out right. On top of that an in wall speaker will never equal the impact of a cabinet speaker. So you will give up aesthetics for Quality or you’ll give up Quality for aesthetics. 90% of our clients that want in walls on the front wall end up going a different direction. This is why you need an experienced AV designer to help you get what’s right and what you will love the most.