Packages built to deliver an amazing experience every time!

The photos do not represent an exact system and any system can be modified in any way. Talk to our designers today !


At Theater Advice even our Base Package isn’t basic. Enjoy the theater experience at home with a huge 110” projection screen. This theater features a fantastic Value mix of KEF and SVS. Wow on a budget. 4K Projector (free bulb and mount) and controlled with a universal remote. This includes a professional install for a pre-wired room. There is a lot of quality here for the money.



This theater is the same Video as our Base package with a Floor standing SVS Prime audio system. 120” Screen Innovations Pure White 1 series and Epson 4050. Audio will be cinematic at a fraction of the cost. Huge Audio upgrade and an even bigger value. System is ready for Dolby Atmos as well with just adding some in ceilings.



This is our favorite one to sell simply because it hits a budget level that most people love but doesn’t fall short in performance. Here we add HUGE floor standing KEF Q series in Dolby ATMOS 5.1.2 and an Epson Pro 4K E-shift projector. Zero Edge Screen Innovations pure White 1.3 screen. This theater was designed to meet a budget but truly not compromise anywhere. It’s perfectly balanced in performance and budget.



When you want your speakers to be "heard not seen" this is the system for you. And there is no video compromise when you use the Slate Acoustically Transparent screen. To do a system like this the right way isn't cheap, but worth it. The sound is projected from the screen just like the real theater. This is rounded off with KEF THX high-end audio and 4K Epson Pro Projection. Turn key as always. Come hear this system at the Frisco showroom.



We are getting into some serious equipment now with the new Epson LS12000 laser 4K…the leader in its class. The #1 Screen in the nation for value picture quality 120” SI slate. Full 9 ch Dolby ATMOS… The 7.2.2 (or 5.2.4) Dolby Atmos system gives you a full immersive 3-dimensional sound. Full Martin Logan system with huge 13” SVS sub. This is one of those systems your friends will be truly jealous of discounted to under $20K.



This system is built with the Point of diminishing returns in mind. Starting with a Giant 150” Zero Edge Pro Screen Innovations Slate and Epson Laser 4K projector. This is an insanely good video that truly cannot be beaten for under $50k and add true audiophile sound by KEF with the Huge R11 and Dual SVS 13” subs. Also, audio is taken seriously with Separate amps from Rotel. This is the system in our Main Theater room at the showroom that we designed for us to play with. You need to come experience this room to understand why so many people get our showroom system. If you have the budget for this… you will want it.